What is the future of the mobile gambling market?

What is the future of the mobile gambling market?

“Whether you like it or not, but mobile gambling is gaining the upper hand in the online industry. What future is the “pocket” casino? ”

The first mobile phones with Internet access appeared in the early 90’s.Working with the 1G network, these models had their own problems and disadvantages incomparable with modern ones. With the development of 2G technology, the capabilities of mobile devices have become more apparent and a real mobile boom has begun. Some visionary players online gambling market immediately saw in this huge potential, which was realized only with the introduction of improved technology after some time. And this time has come when smartphones have come to the fore.

The first iPhone of Apple was released in 2007, and a year later, to everyone’s joy, the Google corporation joined with its Android. Virtual casinos finally got the technological tools to realize their capabilities. Today, thanks to the spread of the 4G network and the development of modern portable devices, mobile casinos are in abundance and there are plenty to choose from.

The most popular multifunctional new smartphone on the market, the iPhone 6s, was released in September. In it, mobile casinos and games in general look more amazing than ever. Now anyone can play real money gambling (in countries with regulated markets) around the world. Smartphones and tablets have got the upper hand, and the technologies in them are the most advanced.

What’s next?

In social networks, and in Facebook, first of all, already registered one-seventh of the world’s population. Mobile gambling operators make the next move and offer free social games. Most of these products do not include the possibility of playing for real money, but it will not always be so. Social games like Farmville or Candy Crush have become the basis for real money games in mobile casinos, but the real market is on real social sites, and all agreements are concluded between providers and social networks.

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